Much like a dojo for Japanese martial arts, the CS Dojo is meant to be supported and managed by the student body. What was originally AIS Tutoring provided by the CS teachers has grown into a tight-knit, student-run community of CS enthusiasts. The fundamental idea behind it is to provide a space for everyone in Stuy CS — from sophomores who are completely new to CS to seniors who can’t get enough of the stuff — to practice alongside/to learn from one another, the same way white and black belts alike practice together in a karate/aikido/judo/samurai dojo, and we are always striving to make the Dojo, and StuyCS as a whole, more inclusive and diverse.

Rules of the Dojo

The rules of the dojo are simple. If you want specifics, the following should serve as pretty good guidelines:

  1. All lists must be 0-indexed
  2. No food or drink in the dojo. (H2Okay)
  3. Be respectful to your peers
  4. Clean up after yourself
  5. Don’t make excessively loud noises
  6. Avoid using illegal internet (Facebook/Messenger)
  7. Keep the aisles clear of backpacks
  8. Lock your workstation when not in use (Ctrl+Alt+L)

Our Sensei


Jake Zaia the Third


Jen Yu

dough joe

Dough Joe

Contact Us

Come join us in person! The Dojo meets Monday through Thursday in Room 307 after 10th period.